• School Library: Learners do not have a library for references and research. The school has an empty room (Mobile Unit) which can be utilized to establish a Library.

  • Science Laboratory: The school needs a fully fledged science Lab and chemicals in order to make an impact and proper contribution in the science stream of Physical Science and Life Sciences.

  • Computer Laboratory: Today’s world needs computer literate learners. The lack of computers in the school places a disadvantage to the learners at the school.

  • Brick and Mortar perimeter fence: The school is situated on the main taxi route and also next to the park. The noise that comes from the hooting taxis and the neighboring taverns. For proper teaching and learning to take place, it is important for the school to be locked away from the public noise at least for eight to ten hours of the day. The perimeter wall which will reduce the noise levels is a necessity.

  • Covered Assembly Area: The open space where the assemblies take place, is also problematic especially when the temperatures are high and when it rains. During rainy seasons we are forced to cancel the assembly and when it is hot, there is always learners who faint as a result of the heat.

  • Benches and Tables: The school needs benches and tables where learners can seat and have their lunch as the school does not have conducive places where learners can seat.

  • School Hall:  The school hall is important for a school like ours where the classrooms are small. 2014 the school will be producing its first grade 12 results. When the grade 12 learners write their exams, it is always manageable when written from the same venue. A proper venue will assist the learners to be comfortable when writing the exams. The school will appreciate to have a hall that can be able to seat at least 250 learners.

  • Heaters and fans in the classrooms: The mobile structure places a lot of strain to both the teachers and the learners both in winter and in summer. When the temperature is high, the units are extremely hot which makes learning very uncomfortable. The same happens when it is cold. The units are very cold and uncomfortable. So, the installation of the heaters and fans can ease the burden and bring about some relief and comfort.

  • The Brick and Motar Structure: This will be a bonus as most of those needs may be resolved with just the erection of the concrete school structure.

  • Sports Infrastructure: The sports facilities at the school do not inspire confidence to the learners. The school can appreciate the support in the upgrade of the infrastructure.

  • School Minibus/bus: This will assist in transporting learners to the excursions or when they go out for sports competitions as the learners are mainly from the disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Technical equipment apparatus: the school aims to become a technical centre in the very near future. It is important for the school to have the apparatus and power tools before implementing these subjects. Technical apparatus include the drawing boards for Engineering Graphics and Design.

  • Verandas and Shades in the passages and between the classes: This place a huge role during rainy seasons. When it rains, the changing of periods from one to the other is extremely disrupted as the learners and teachers are both reluctant to move for the fear of being wet and possibly getting the books wet during the change over.


  • First Aid level two course
  • Team Building exercise
  • Professionalism workshop
  • Computer literacy course
  • Events management
  • Leadership and management course for the SMT and the learners
  • Anger management for learners
  • Subject based workshops aimed at improving the results.
  • Counseling course
  • Sports coaching courses for teachers and learners

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